Welcome to Bow and Locket

Thank you for visiting our site, hopefully you have found what you need but just in case here is a checklist of everything.

•  Basic Stick-On name labels 

•  Basic Stick-On Clothing name labels 

•  Premium Small Stick-On name labels 

•  Premium Medium Stick-On name labels 

•  Premium Large Stick-On name labels 

•  Premium Clothing Stick-On name labels 

•  Bag Tags 

•  Basic Luggage Strap

•  Premium Lockable Luggage Strap

•  Basic Sew-On Name Labels

•  Sew-On ID Name Tags

•  Scout and Brownie Sew-On Name Labels

•  Personalised HB Pencil Set

•  Personalised Pencil Case and coloured pencil stationery set